Cast List for the Gaelic Park Players production of "For Better, For Worse" by Jimmy Keary

Hi, Thank you, all, for auditioning for Gaelic Park Players.  While you had wonderful auditions I am unable to cast all of you.  If not cast & you wish to help on the show please let a GPP Board Member know of your interest.

Thank you, again, for auditioning.  Below is the cast for our show For Better, For Worse.

Julie Z. Director


Aggie Foley – Yvonne Ambrose

Chrissie Foley – Kristel Flynn

Miriam Maguire – Mary O’Sullivan

Gabriel Foley – Mike “Meek” Azarakiewicz

Lucy Lacey – Maggie Murphy

Liam Gavigan – Barney Farrelly

Lily McGinty – Gail Lauryn

Crispin Tweed – Bill Gleason


Congratulations to all who have been cast!


Our first rehearsal will be Sunday, February 26th, from 4:00 to 6:00, in the basement of Gaelic Park.

I will be e-mailing all cast members, by Saturday, to confirm you have received this information.

Thank you, again, for coming out to auditions.  Julie Z.  Director

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