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Acting Irish International Theatre Festival 2013

Chicago Gaelic Park Players are very excited and proud to announce that we will be hosting the Acting Irish International Theatre Festival 2013. This annual event that alternates between a Canadian, Ireland and U.S. host city every year, celebrates the traditions of the Irish stage as Irish community theatre groups present the best in Irish drama and comedy, both classic and contemporary. This year, as the Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary, the Gaelic Park Players are proud to bring this unique event to Chicago.

Performed consecutively, afternoons and evenings from Tuesday May 21st to Saturday May 25th, the eight plays entered in this year’s Festival will be adjudicated by a team of theatre professionals. Audiences and participants alike will have the opportunity to listen to the judges’ critiques, offered from the stage at the end of each performance. Through this process the Acting Irish International Theatre Festival promotes a greater appreciation for the plays seen and encourages the refinement of the performers’ theatrical craft.

While serving to inspire new levels of achievement, the competition among the members of The Acting Irish International Theatre Festival is a friendly one. The adjudication process is intended to help each group grow and to improve their performance skill. Without doubt, it is a unique honor to take home an award from the Festival, but every group that enters a show can be proud of the gift they bring to their local audiences at home as well as to the audiences at this year’s Festival in Chicago. By participating in the Acting Irish International Festival, each group helps to shine a spotlight on two significant realms within the broad world of theatre: Irish theatre and community theatre.

This will be held in conjunction with Chicago Irish Fest at Chicago Gaelic Park over Memorial Day Weekend which enriches this festival which promises to be a fantastic festival event, celebrating the best of Irish Culture. We bid you all welcome and invite you to join us as we come together to celebrate the 20th Annual 2013 Acting Irish International Theatre Festival.

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