Frugal Comforts – Fall 2003

A Contemporary Farce In Two Acts
By Eamonn Kelly     Directed By Katie Flynn McKirdie

The Play

Set in a cheap tenement in Dublin on a Wintery day in 1988 “Frugal Comforts” is laced with the dark humor that was common to that era.

The author draws on the losers from the seamy side of Dublin for his characters, and finds ’em. Dave, in his early thirties, is hopeful but unemployed, looking for work and renting flat 1. Crawley in his late thirties is an ex-con, an abrasive petty thug and renting flat 2, Layman , in his late teens and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, has left home, is Dave’s nephew. Andy, in his early thirties dresses well and is proud of his job as a crime-boss goon. Mularkey, in his fifties is the landlord and maintenance man. Sloppy dresser, uncouth, has a bad heart.

This comedy weaves a fine thread connecting the characters in a thinly veiled plot but because “The best laid plans of mice and men do often times go wrong” everyone’s world comes crashing down
as events go terribly wrong, surprise follows surprise in a series of bungled blunders for all concerned. This play will keep you guessing to the very end.

The Cast

Tom Kearney as Dave
Martin Murphy as Crawly
Matt Walsh as Layman
Mike Kenna as Andy
Robert D. Fox as Mularkey
Georgina Chapman, Assistant Director
Barney Farrelly, Producer