A Christmas in Kerry – Fall 2007

A Two Act Comedy
By Clare Melley Smith     Directed By Kate McNally

The Play

This play is based on “Christmas Stories and Letters of a Country Postman” By John B. Keane. Published by Mercier Press.

As the play opens we are introduced to the life of a postman in the village of Lisnacoo in County Kerry, a long time ago. It’s Christmas and the post office is a very busy place. However the postman Mocky Fondoo takes time out to read excerpts from letters and relate the stories of his experiences as a postman on his daily rounds. Tales of match-making, seduction, job-hunting, fortune telling, intoxication, hope, bickering etc. contribute to the story. Many of the stories are acted out but some are read out as the scenes blend harmoniously throughout the entire production with the main cast members playing many different roles.

Although the plot is non-conventional, the dialogue, lighting and sound all transform the play into a smooth production at times involving the audience. This is certainly a very funny play none the less some scenes are very touching.

The Cast

John Devitt as Mocky Fondoo
Mick Kenna as Fred, Long, Jason & Jacko
Kathy Holahan as Madame Lucia, Dolly & Julie Jossie
Larry Coughlin as Hamish, Canoon & Big Bob
Myra McWilliams as Maggie, Gracie & Kitty
Pamela Wolfe as Nance, Mary & Alicia
Dave Branigan as Hector Fitzpitter
Barney Farrely as Bertie, Mickey & Martin
Martin Murphy as Frank & 2nd TD
Patrick Reilly as Tom, Critic & Connie
Georgina Chapman, Assistant Director
Kate McNally, Director
Dave Branigan, Producer