Anyone Could Rob a Bank – Spring 2004

A Comedy in Two Acts
By Thomas Coffey     Directed By Larry Coughlin

The Play

The play is set in the kitchen (at the back of his shop) in Badger Grey’s house. It is a comedy, a little far fetched, but one I think you’ll enjoy. Having read of an unsuccessful bank robbery in Dublin, Badger and his friends plan a “successful” robbery of their own, just to show how it could be done. No intention of doing it. To the town’s amazement there is a bank robbery two days later, carried out in accordance with Badger’s plan! You won’t believe the mayhem, accusations and shenanigans that follow the robbery when you meet the gruff spoken Badger and his hair-brained wife Sarah, along with Noreen, their pretty flirtatious daughter who has a crush on the local sergeant and, she is also attracted to Tony, a business-man in town for a few days. Then there is Jerreen, Badger’s brother and Mickey, his nephew, a wanna-be boxer who is an apprentice to Jerreen, and you’ll also meet Windy, Badger’s next-door neighbor.

This side splitting comedy will have the audience rolling in their seats with laughter. The play is articulate, the characters mesh very well in a free flowing dialogue, and Coffey has granted ’em the opportunity to be creative and artistic. This is a laugh filled comedy that will grant respite from your daily grind and you’ll leave the theatre thinking “good show”

The Cast

Barney Farrely as Badger
Jeanene Beauregard as Noreen
Kate McNally as Sarah
David O’Carroll as Tony
Peter Simon as Jerreen
Joe Hession as Windy
Mick Kenna as Sergeant
Martin Morrissey as Mickey
Georgina Chapman, Assistant Director
Christina Garrivan, Producer