Attaboy Mr. Singe – Spring 2009

A Comedy
By Deirdre Kinahan     Directed By Georgina Chapman

The Play

The show must go on! And in the small town of Athboy, County Meath, the Athboy Players certainly hope so. With their 25th Anniversary looming, the group want to dazzle, shine and show off their artistic talents to their loyal and faithful audience. What better way to do this than to stage John Millington Synge’s masterpiece “Playboy of the Western World”. But alas…trouble is waiting in the wings!

Crew members are leaving at the last minute, actors are showing up late or not at all, the set is unfinished…where are the lights? The costumes? and why isn’t anyone learning their lines?!? What is a community theatre group to do? Can the sudden arrival of theatrical virtuoso Denis O’Byrne be the answer to the Players prayers? Surely someone with her talents and vision can only bring the Society to new heights? Ah…but Denise has plans of her own and will stop at nothing to see them realized!

Will the players fall prey to her whimsical notions..or will disgrace and shame befall them on the most important night of their lives…or will tradition and hard work see them through with their good name intact? If you really want to see what goes on behind the scenes of a theatre production, you have to see this show! Join us for a night of mad-cap antics both on and off the stage!

The Cast

Kate McNally as Margery
Bridget Christiansen as Flora
Barney Farrely as Raymond
Mick Kenna as Conor
Taryn McKenna as Denise
Georgina Chapman, Director
Tom Kearney, Asst. Director
Larry Coughlin, Producer