Craddock’s Well – Fall 2009

A Drama
By Michael Carey     Directed By Larry Coughlin

The PlayCraddocksWell-Fall2009

Young Margaret Finnerty returns to Cloonmore in Co Donegal from a time spent in America. She marries local farmer Patrick Finnerty and settles down to married life. However, her life becomes fragmented and dysfunctional, the reason for which she can’t explain. Could the existence of the nearby Craddock’s Well hold the key? The play touches on themes of loneliness and emigration in a rural way of life that’s both very humorous and still very innocent.

The Cast

John Devitt as Patrick Finnerty
Marty Donovan as Tom Ryan
Deborah Ryan Sampson as Margaret Finnerty
David O’Carroll as Tim Dalton
Martin Murphy as Brendan Finnerty Sr.
Kate McNally as Biddy Cassidy
Mary Zemaitis as Eileen Dykes
Janet Wittenmyer as Katie McGrath
Mick Kenna as Pateen Thatch
Tom Kearney as Brendan Finnerty
Georgina Chapman as Mary Morley
Brendan McWilliams as Young Brendan
Larry Coughlin, Director
Barney Farrelly, Assistant Director
Myra McWilliams, Producer