Da – Fall 2008

The Tony Award winning play
By Hugh Leonard     Directed By Larry Coughlin

The PlayDa-Fall2008

“Da” is set in 1960’s Dublin. After his Da’s funeral, Charlie returns to his childhood home only to find his father’s ghost stubbornly unwilling to leave the house. As the events of Charlie’s youth and Da’s troubled relationship with Charlie’s mother are replayed, we discover the darkly comic, bittersweet relationship that existed between father and son.

The Cast

Barney Farrely as Da
Mick Kenna as Charlie
Robert Emmett Reidy as Drumm
Mike Azarkiewicz as Young Charlie
Kate McNally as Mother
Tom Kearney as Oliver
Katie Flynn-McKirdie as Mrs. Prynne
Jacqueline Moran as The Yellow Peril
Georgina Chapman, Assistant Director
Dave Branigan, Producer