Getting Buried – Spring 2007

A Comedy in Three Acts
By Peter Cunningham     Directed By Larry Coughlin

The Play

“Getting Buried”is set in the family room of the French household. The family owns the local hardware store which is managed by Terence French in Holybank, west of Dublin. His wife, Helen French does the accounting and secretarial work. Terence owns 40% of the business, his mother Statia owns 50% and his sister Hetty owns 10%.The play opens on the day Statia French dies aged 93 and the family are beginning to gather for the funeral There’s Walter French (Terry”s uncle), Hetty (his sister), and Desmond his brother and-oh yes-there’s Delia(Helens sister from Dublin.) The play is full of surprises. When Hetty hires a detective to investigate French Hardware she gets more than she bargained for, boy, did she ever. While Delia and Terrence are planning for an easy life in the sun and the ever capricious Walter is dreaming in an equestrian fantasy land, along comes Desmond and throws a wrench in the works. The shenanigans are hilarious but show the weak side of human nature when sex and money are the driving factors. The hardworking, trusting Helen has her eyes opened for her and the scheming woebegone Terence and Delia geet their just deserts. “And all’s well that ends well”

Warning!! Adult Theme Adult Language!

The Cast

Martin Murphy as Terence French
Deborah Ryan Sampson as Helen French
Barney Farrelly as Walter French
Jeanene Beauregard as Delia
Kate McNally as Hetty French
Mick Kenna as Desmond French
Dave Branigan as A Guard
Tom Kearny as A Guard
Myra McWilliams, Assistant Director
Georgina Chapman, Co/Producer
Lisa Krueger, Co/Producer