Love Thy Neighbor – Spring 2008

A Three-Act Comedy
By Jimmy Keary    Directed By Mick Kenna

The PlayLoveThyNeighbor-Spring2008

Michael Mullen, an Irish farmer, is going through a bit of a rocky patch. Not only is his wife, Noreen, disappointed with her anniversary present, but his good- for-nothing brother, Charlie, has conned him in to allowing him to stay with them “for a few days”.

Finally, to top things off, Noreen’s former lover, Claude Nolan, has just moved in next door and it appears the flame has not completely died out. Ever the helpful brother, Charlie devises a plan to help Michael with his predicament. Unfortunately, as seems to be the case with all of Charlie’s schemes, it backfires getting Michael into deeper trouble.

Not only that, but Charlie, as well as the rest of the characters, are caught in the undertow of his deception. Eventually, everyone is scrambling to dig themselves out of the wreckage. Enjoy the madcap comedy that results in the Gaelic Park Players production of Jimmy Keary’s “Love Thy Neighbor”.

The Cast

Larry Coughlin as Michael Mullen
Kate McNally as Noreen Mullen
Barney Farrely as Charlie Mullen
Patrick Reilly as Jason Mullen
Tom Kearney as Claude Nolan
Jacqueline Moran as Ingrid Nolan
Kathleen Katsikeas as Kelly Nolan
Bridget Christianson as Maisie Looney
Vera Kelly as Dolores Caffery
Georgina Chapman, Assistant Director
Lisa Krueger, Producer