The Castlecomer Jukebox – Spring 2011

A Drama
By Jimmy Murphy     Directed By Larry Coughlin

The Play

When the President of America visits Ireland-what better way to entertain him than a showband from the good old days! The members of the Castlecomer Jukebox are ready to reform, its been years since they dusted off their instruments and took the house down. Can they pull it off and shine in the limelight once more? or will past hurts, crooked politicians and greedy business dealings strike a sour note and send the bad crashing down…? Tune in in the Spring to find out!

The Cast

Robert Reidy as Hitler Lynch
Bridget Christianson as Asti
Mick Kenna as Ginty
Dave Denham as Dixie
Meek Azarkiewicz as Horse
Barney Farrelly as Val
John Devitt as Shaymo
Phillyis Bierdiz as Rio
Larry Coughlin, Director
Kate McNally, Asst. Director
Myra McWilliams, Stage Manager