The Chastitute – Spring 1999

By John B. Keane        Directed By Josephine Craven

The Play

The “Chastitute” is a new word introduced by John B. Keane into the English language, to describe a man who has never had sex with a woman. Such a man is John Bosco McLaine, a middle-aged, bachelor farmer, whose most fervent wish in life is to acquire a wife. “It is essentially the story of human loneliness and the great hunger for human companionship” writes the playwright. Swinging from hilarious to tragic, audiences will relish the obvious comedy, yet, be moved by the unbearable solitude of a life without love. “The Chastitute” is the second play the Gaelic Park Players have performed by Kerry playwright John B. Keane. His drama, “The Year of the Hiker” was performed by the group in 1997.

Gaelic Park Players veteran member, Josephine Craven, directs the play. “The Chastitute” marks the second Gaelic Park Players’ full-length production Craven has directed. She won praise for her direction of Keane’s “The Year of the Hiker,” which took home the “John B. Keane Spirit of Ireland” award at the Acting Irish International Theatre Festival, in Milwaukee in 1997.

“The Chastitute,” with 24 actors playing 28 separate roles has the largest cast of any play performed at Gaelic Park to date. The cast includes many of the group’s regular actors/actresses, along with numerous new “faces”.

The Cast

Barney Farrelly as John Bosco
Maria Michael as Aunt Jane
Bill Hurley as Cross Missionary
David Corbett as Gentle Missionary
Stephen Heffernan as John B 30yrs/Waiter
Cate Hickey as Julie
Maryanna Poller as Dora McMoo
Joe Hession as Micky Molly
Liam Briick as Barman
Carrie McGill as Norrie
Puggy Dunleavey as Sylvester Brady
Allison Laker as Juleen McCoon
Sarah Tritschler as Heather
Eileen O’Connell as Heather’s friend
Kristen Dakewicz as Heather’s mother
John Coyle as Heather’s brother
Vera Kelly as Eva Kishock
Ross Darcy Fitzgibbon as Fr. Kimmerly
Pamela Wolfe as Trudy
Christina Garrivan as Suzanne
Denis Monaghan as Hotel Porter
John Coyle as Travolta townie
Coleen Gorszczyk as Girl 1
Christina Smokaitis as Girl 2
Josephine Craven, Director
Larry Coughlan, AstDir/StgMngr