The Patrick Pearse Motel – Spring 2010

A Comedy
By Hugh Leonard     Directed By Tom Kearney

The Play ThePatrickPearseMotel-Spring2010

An upwardly mobile couple living in an upscale Dublin suburb, and their business partner are showing what real patriotism is all about-selling it in the form of hotels. Each room in the Patrick Pearse Motel is decorated with a portrait of a national hero. Unbeknown to her doting husband, the lady of the house is plotting a tryst with an old flame, a television commentator famed for his rudeness. Soon the stage is filled with mistaken identities, dropped trousers, a flimsy negligee and false accusations. On a rainy night at the Patrick Pearse Motel, the characters crisscross paths, threaten one another with a shillelagh and hide in convenient closets. An hysterical bedroom farce that will have you wondering how will all of this turn out and who will get out alive?

The Cast

Marty Donovan as Dermod
Kathy Holahan as Grainne
Stephen Heffernan as Fintan
Mary Kate Brophy as Niamh
Taryn McKenna as Miss Manning
Mick Kenna as James Usheen
Barney Farrelly as Hoolihan
Tom Kearney, Director
Georgina Chapman, Assistant Director