The Salvage Shop – Spring 2002

A Contemporary Drama In Two Acts
By Jim Nolan     Directed By Maria Michaels

The Play

Sylvester Tansey, owner of The Salvage Shop, is a strict task-master who demands fierce loyalty from family, friends and the small band he conducts in the seaside town of Garis.Now in his twilight years, the opera buff and aging meastro is left with his unfulfilled dreams. His disappointment focuses on the bitter memory of his band failing to win an important state-wide musical competition. “Sylvie” blames the loss on his son, Eddie, who has recently moved back in to care for his father. An accomplished euphonium player, Eddie, has long since left the band. His days are spent working in The Salvage Shop, and juggling his time between his head-strong teenage daughter Katie, and his understanding girlfriend, Rita.

Now a rebellion is brewing in the small band in Garris. Time has come for the maestro to pass on his baton. As with generations before, it should rightfully go to his son Eddie. However Sylvie has a long memory and the sting of betrayal still smarts after all these years. In a cruel twist Eddie is thrown into his own private hell, when his daughter arrives home with unexpected news. This triggers a reaction that sends them on a journey that leads to a collision course with a hated enemy. Jim Nolan’s powerful play of family conflict will make you laugh, cry and cheer.

**Contains strong language**

The Cast

Barney Farrelly as Sylvester Tansey
Joseph Hession as Eddie Tansey
Jessica Skolnik as Kate Tansey
Martin Murphy as Stephen Kearney
Kristel Flynn as Rita Shanahan
John Devitt as Josie Costello
Victoria Vitalo, Assistant Director
Dan Daly, Assistant Director
Christina Garrivan, Producer