They Got What They Wanted – Fall 1999

A Three Act Comedy
By Louis D’Alton     Directed By Jim Kearney

The PlayTheyGotWhatTheyWanted-Fall1999

The play was first produced at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin in February 1947.

The play takes place in the living room of the Murnaghan family in the Midlands. We meet Matty Murnaghan, his wife Bessie and daughters Sally and Norah also sons Jack, Derry and Peter. The family are having financial trouble with local credit all but cut off when a newspaper runs a story of a local emigrant who leaves a fortune in America and local rumor has it that the Murnaghan family may be heirs to that fortune. This rumor changes everything for the family and leads us thru their new-found life style. The “shenanagins” and the conniving that go on will keep you entertained throughout the performance. The play is well written with many funny lines and situations.

The Cast

Don Maldonado as Bartley Murnaghan
Christina Garavan as Bessie Murnaghan
Colleen Durkin as Sally Murnaghan
Sarah Tritschler as Norah Murnaghan
Sean Johnson as Jack Murnaghan
Joe Hession as Derry Murnaghan
Martin Murphy as Peter Murnaghan
David Corbett as Owny Tubridy
R. Douglas Fox as Matty McGrath
Larry Coughlin as Joe McGrath
Liam Briick as Tom Cassidy
Shane Dunne as Lorcan
Barney Farrelly, Asst. Director
Kristen Dakewicz, Producer