Try Anything Twice – Spring 2012

A Comedy
By William Rocke     Directed By Bob Fox

The PlayTryAnythingTwice-Spring2012

When vivacious forty-something Josephine McGowan wins a Glamorous Grandmother Contest and brings home suave, womanising TV actor Clive Cartwright as a prize she upsets more than her gone-to-seed husband Michael… ‘Try Anything Twice! Is a saucy comedy, full of very clever one-liners which the cast throw at each other with wicked good fun… Josephine seems to enjoy her nights out with romantic Clive. But when glamorous reporter Paula Smith arrives to Interview her husband, he sees a way to prove he still has ‘it’ with hilarious results!

The Cast

Barney Farrelly as Michael McGowan
Christina Garrivan as Josephine
Kate McNally as Granny
George Skrobuton as Charlie Saville
Marty Donovan as Clive Cartwright
Jacqueline Ashcraft as Paula Smith
Glenna Hennessy as Betty
Bob Fox, Director
Tom Kearney, Assistant Director
Dave Branigan, Producer